David, I want to send you this testimonial as a commendation for the service you render.  In 2013 I went to see my GP because of a recurring back, neck and shoulder problem (it happened in 2003, 2007 and again last year). The symptoms usually included back, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches and each time I would see a physiotherapist for several treatments before any relief was experienced.  Last year however I stopped mid-treatment as there seemed to be more harm done, resulting in excruciating pain. I went for x-rays and blood tests and on the x-rays a bony spur was visible on my C6 vertebrae which, depending on whether or not it grew, may have eventually resulted in me having surgery (not an option I was willing to consider).

At this point my sister insisted that I see you since it would be no worse than going for physio. By the time I visited your practice I was wearing a soft surgical collar to alleviate some of the pain. I removed the collar for the treatment and I have not put it on again since. The pain relief was evident the very next day and I have since July 2013, been back for “maintenance” only twice.

Thank you for the service you render.

Meagan Fabing

Cape Town

Here’s a short written account of my experience after my first body reactivation session. Please feel free to use my words or my name if you so desire.

I have for the last 15 years suffered from a lot of neck, upper back and shoulder pain. I got a whiplash injury when I was 8, and I was in another car accident and hurt my neck at 18. In addition to this I’m a natural worrier and build up a lot of tension in times of stress. July this year a got a slipped disc in my lower back and was immobilized for 2 months. Lately the condition has improved but I still experienced pain and a lot of stiffness when I came for my treatment.

When I woke up the morning after the treatment I had this great feeling that my body was very light. Then I realised I was absolutely pain free! All over! I’ve never experienced this for as long as I can remember. I had no more sciatica but the most surprising was the lack of pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I also enjoyed much greater mobility. I’ve tried every type of treatment on the market earlier. Chiropractic treatment has been the most beneficial for me, but has never had any effect on my stiff and tense muscles.

Now, 6 days after the session I can feel a bit of stiffness building up again in my shoulders, but after 15 years of trouble I guess I need a couple of more sessions to sort it out permanently. My lower back is still right as rain. I can sit for much greater periods than before the session and there’s no sciatica or radiating pain at all.

Thank you for your help, I’m very grateful and I’ll be sure to pop around for another session next time I’m in CT.

Ida Falkanger

For the past three years I have suffered chronic neck disfunction which prevented me from normal head rotation and movement. Driving was somewhat difficult as it was necessary for me to slide forward and turn my body in the direction of the oncoming traffic in order to drive out safely into the main flow of vehicles. I have been living with constant pain and stiffness.

My most recent attempt to seek help was through the NHS in England. After eight  physiotherapy sessions I was told they could not do any more to improve the problem, although their treatment did allow me a five per cent improvement in head rotation but it did not last.

You were recommended by my daughter who lives in Cape Town, she has friends who have had successful treatments and immediately, when she saw how stiff I was, suggested I book a session. After my first session you had “unlocked” the tightness which immediately allowed me to rotate some twenty degrees. It was not difficult to figure that you were very, very good and that your treatment was exactly right for my problem. Over the five weeks I spent in Cape Town I had at least six sessions and I’m “over the moon ” with the results.

I thought I would never find a cure and have to say that David King is “my new best friend”. Thank you so much.

Robert Barchard

Good morning David. I would like to report back how your amazing technique cured me from the pain I had in my lats under both my shoulder blades.  I live in Durban and had 4 physio treatments with needles and was given a programme movements to do 20 of each per day to strengthen the spasm in my back. These spasms prevented me from turning my head sideways or twisting my body sideways. We flew down to Cape Town on the 30th October, we headed straight to the Waterfront and I took a stroll around the Wellness area where I came upon you and your cubicle. Well you healed me after one session. So grateful and I wish I lived in Cape Town to come back for more treatments.  Thanking you. Pat Andersson

I first saw David to deal with anxiety and PTSD following an armed invasion. I felt like I was stuck in adrenaline overdrive. David did some kinesiology type work to clear this. David also did some work on my back and neck which helped me immensely with my lower back pain I’ve had since a hip replacement 2 years ago. He is a miracle worker!

Lisa Walker-Brook

During a holiday to South Africa in June I came across the Wellness Centre on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. I was interested to see David King doing the Body Reactivating Technique as I had never heard or seen it before. I walked away from the stall, but something kept on telling me to go back and eventually I did. I talked to David for a while about the treatment and I eventually took the plunge.

I have had severe pain in my lower back; so bad that in the morning I had to put my hands on my thighs and then walk them up to straighten myself. I have had this since I was 16; I am now 45 and for the first time in almost 30 years I have had no pain in my lower back. I can get out of bed and straighten myself properly and it feels wonderful. I did go once more to have another session from David on the morning of my departure back to England.

What David did has been amazing and I am sorry I was unable to have more treatments as he mentioned a few other things that I would have like to have sorted out. He truly is amazing and very talented at his job and I will forever be grateful to him for what he has done for me. Having no pain is wonderful. Thank so much David! When I return to South Africa, for I most certainly will, I will most definitely see you again.

Renu Tyler


About 5 years ago I had an accident where I hurt myself and after so many different massages, I eventually walked past you while still having a problem with my back. I then thought, why not try it out! Absolutely the best thing I could have done! The pain disappeared and I could move normally once again! I told a few friends of mine and I really have to say they were a bit skeptical at first, but on our holiday the next time they came to you for a treatment and they were completely amazed! You met my friend Urs and his mother and you know what they think of your method that you use! Urs and I have been coming to you on every visit to Cape Town for the past five years and we always look forward to visit you! Amazing! Looking forward to seeing you again on our next holiday later this year. Thank you so much for everything! Wishing you still a wonderful weekend ! Until later this year! Also best wishes from Urs and his mother Doris!

Mark Serfontein